Welcome to the Sandbox is the welcome to my most recent, and last, grad class. The class is officially EC&I 832 Computers in the Classroom and is being offered on-line during the winter semester at the University of Regina.

I’m  on Block 1 and making my way through the course readings and activities for the week.

This week you will:
1. Familiarize yourself with the course overview and the course evaluation
2. Explore who you are as a learner in an online space and reflect on who you are as a learner and educator in a digital world
3. Share your introductory biography so others can get to know you

My first adventure in this course will be to take an on-line learning styles quiz and looking at who I am as a learner. Stay tuned for how that works out for me. The second task is to read Karl Fisch’s blog post “Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?” . I’ll be curious to see how I fit in to his definition of technologically literate or illiterate. The third challenge for the week is to complete an introduction to the rest of the class so that we can try and put faces to names as we work through the semester.

In a brief story format (written, audio or audio/visual), please share:

  1. An introduction of yourself
  2. Where you are in your Graduate Studies program and what route you have chosen to take (course route or thesis; Curriculum and Instruction or other area)
  3. Your professional background and current assignment or position
  4. Your background/experience with technology on a personal level as well as within your current role
  5. Who are you as a learner and what makes your “learning curve go off the chart”?
  6. Any interests/hobbies/talents/achievements that would help others get to know you better

Wish me luck as I complete the tasks, particularly reflecting on who I am as a learner. I think as with every class that I’ve taken on the way to completing my Master’s program I’m going to grow, learn and be challenged to look at the world in a different way.