Writing Assignment

Last Friday saw the beginning of a Thinwalled Classroom collaboration between myself and a teacher in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. We were inspired by Clarence Fisher’s blog about his Thinwalled Classroom work. I’ve chatted a couple of times with Clarence about his project and was looking forward to starting my own with my partner, Jim. We decided to start small with a weekly shared writing assignment. I began last Friday with a slideshow which I posted on my classroom blog. I told the students a little about myself and asked them to write about themselves. Jim and I agreed that we would read then comment to the each other’s class. It was a great opportunity to meet Jim’s students in North Battleford and Jim met my class. Jim was pleased with how this assignment motivated some of his reluctant writers. Next week is Jim’s turn to give the writing assignment. I’m looking forward to see what the assignment will be about.