This term I am blessed to have a wonderful intern from the University of Regina. Brianne is a SUNTEP student and is in her last semester of her education degree. When Brianne finishes working with me on April 25th she will complete her degree requirements and be available for employment. (Any administrators reading this please take this as a hint because she will be a wonderful addition to any staff.)

Having Brianne in my classroom has given me more opportunities to optimize the use of technology in my teaching. I have an extra pair of hands to show students how to log in, edit and save work on our wikis that we’re using for our Iditarod project. Brianne has begun to take over our Friday writing project with Jim Ellis in North Battleford. In fact, she made her first slide show in jumpcut two weeks ago. Brianne shares my excitement when I find a new collaborative project to work on such as 1001 Tales. Together we talk about the potential learning benefits for our students and for us. I’m not sure she knew what she was in store for when I told her I was a tech geek and loved using technology with the students but I think she gets the picture now.