The Ten Worst Practices in Educational Technology
Dean Shareski
May, 3rd, 2010
How do we make changes from what we’re doing now? Why are we spending all of this money on technology? How does technology improve student learning?
Curse of the default settings. We don’t ask what we can do with something or what can we do differently?
1. Interactive Whiteboards: Should easy always be the goal of technology? How would the use of this technology be transfo
2. PowerPoint: Why are there so many bad PowerPoints and why do we use them? What strategies have been successful in eliminating bad PowerPoints? Use the PowerPoint as a tool. Use different tools for presentations. “Slideument”If it’s a presentation you need to be there to present it. It should be a storytelling tool and not a document on slides.
3. Digital Cameras: What are your favourite uses of cameras? What ways have teachers used cameras to transform teaching? Voicethreads, documentation, reflection.
4. Walled Gardens: Password Protected sites where only you and your students are allowed in. Are there times when they are appropriate or should learning be open?
5. Computer Class: Do we still need to have computer class or should computers be in the classroom?
6. Cellphones: Are we using them in the classroom or should they be used in the classroom?
7. Keyboarding: Should be teaching this in school?
8. Drill Exercises: Do they have a place in teaching? What is the place of games in teaching?
9. Searching: How to do a proper search.
10. Viewers’ Choice: Word Processing