All Technology Uses are NOT Equal: Accelerating High Yielding Practices

Bernajean Porter: Keynote Speaker

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

iT Summit, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The more senses that are engaged the more the learner is engaged.

Creativity is the idea but innovation is the implementation. Change will be ongoing. We need to be aware that new techs are constant and we need to be co-learners and co-changers. “We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.” McLuhan

Looking at the Future: Are we getting ourselves ready? Our students ready? Our schools and classrooms ready? Media specialists are the keys to change in schools. Biggest problem for students is not knowing what are credible and reliable sources. Students need to rehearse and practice to use the tools and learn how to use them in regards to their learning. It is not for the sake of change. Change is the status quo.

Sticking power  of what kids know. We have a generation of kids that are sensory deprived and context deprived. Only about 17% of our kids are engaged in school. Our kids have sensory overload outside of school. What shifting in our schools will accommodate these kids. Are we getting them prepared to take over the world?

How do we get them ready for a world we can’t imagine?  We will need to collaborate, problem solve, use the 21st Century learning tools. What do we need to make happen? What do we think is valuable? What needs to change? Vision is about urgency and commitment. It’s what we need to move forward. Technology also accelerates innovation, connection, and global change for good.

Influencing Results: To increase school-wide learning. Content and strategies are important. Look at technology plans and teaching.

  • Enriching and Enhancing
  • Supporting Standars
  • Creating Life-Long Learners
  • Raising Student Achievement
  • Integration Across the Curriculum

Integrations is

  • Do Something
  • Do Anything
  • Just…do IT
  • Just Use IT

What is the story that we want to create with our students? What tools enable us to tell great stories? Don’t get tricked by the stuff. The goal isn’t to use new technologies but the goal is to go new places. Do we have a new story or an old story that’s more expensive?What’s the quality of the story (what’s appealing?) What is a concern?

Whatever you do we your students: Do it on Purpose. Questions and questioning make students think. We want students to make sense out of what they are learning. The goal isn’t to use technology but the goal is to use the power of technology to accelerate learning for all students. Become story makers and keepers for you and your students.