Today I’m completing one of the tasks of my on-line class, EC&I 832, at the University of Regina. I’m reading about and learning about learning styles. The first step is to read the information on the Illinois Online Network’s site and determine what my learning style is. The results from the online quiz were certainly not definitive. I seem to be in the middle of all categories and not prefer one way over another. Hmmmm… this could be a bit troubling but I’ll try the next quiz.

Quizz #1:      Results for: Kimberly Brown
      ACT                              X                    REF
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->
      SEN                  X                                INT
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->
      VIS                      X                            VRB
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->
      SEQ                  X                                GLO
           11  9   7   5   3   1   1   3   5   7   9   11
                              <-- -->

  • “If your score on a scale is 1-3, you are fairly well balanced on the two dimensions of that scale.
  • If your score on a scale is 5-7, you have a moderate preference for one dimension of the scale and will learn more easily in a teaching environment which favors that dimension.
  • If your score on a scale is 9-11, you have a very strong preference for one dimension of the scale. You may have real difficulty learning in an environment which does not support that preference. ”

Quiz #2

“Types of Intelligence
Low High
Logical/Mathematical :
Visual/Spatial :
Intrapersonal :
Musical :
Verbal/Linguistic :
Interpersonal :
Bodily/Kinesthetic :
Naturalist :

Top 3 Types of Intelligence
You appreciate abstract relationships and can use numbers effectively. Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers have this intelligence.
You’re able to perceive visual and spatial information and can create effective mental pictures. Architects, artists, and engineers have this intelligence.
You’re able to distinguish among your own feelings, build accurate mental models of yourself, and draw on these models to make decisions about your life. People with strength in this intelligence are found in all walks of life.”;

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. I think these results are starting to find the real me and what my learning styles are. But wait, there’s still quiz #3.

Based on quiz #3 I’m a visual learner:

  • “take numerous detailed notes
  • tend to sit in the front
  • are usually neat and clean
  • often close their eyes to visualize or remember something
  • find something to watch if they are bored
  • like to see what they are learning
  • benefit from illustrations and presentations that use color
  • are attracted to written or spoken language rich in imagery
  • prefer stimuli to be isolated from auditory and kinesthetic distraction
  • find passive surroundings ideal”

So now I’m completely confused because each quiz left me with different results. I think I’ll need some time to think about this especially since I discovered this article “Learning Styles Re-evaulated.”

I think I’ll read the article then rethink my quiz results and how they may or may not impact my future learning. Wish me luck!