On April 2nd my class and I were Skyping with Brian Crosby’s clss in Nevada while they were being filmed by a local ABC news crew. Here’s part of the information on the link:

“Local Elementary Students Travel To Canada In One Day Twenty-two local kids traveled to Canada and back Thursday, as part of a school lesson, but they didn’t need any permission slips for this trip. The group of sixth-graders from Agnes Risley Elementary School in Sparks used modern computer technology called “Skype” to visit our Northern Neighbors. Canada is the fifth country the group of 11 and 12-year-olds has visited so far this year. The students are working on a national project called “Around the World With 80 Schools,” but there are actually more than 150 schools involved. So far, they’ve been to Argentina, Thailand, Iceland, New Zealand, and Canada. There’s no telling where they’ll go next. By 11:00 a.m., the 22 students had 21 new friends from Sasketchwan, Canada. They traveled there using ‘Skype’, a free video-conferencing website that allows people to connect face-to-face, no matter the distance. “It was pretty cool. We can see them and they can see us. We can talk to them,” said 6th Grader, Cynthia Lara. “These are the new 20th century tools. We all grew up with chalkboards,” said teacher Brian Crosby. The students gave their new friends a presentation of our state song, and answered questions about their favorite sports teams and foods. “It’s a really great experience. At first I was nervous, but now it’s easy and I think it’s cool. It feel like I am traveling and I get a new experience every time,” said Paul Nguyen, 6th grade student. Then each of the students has their own blog that they post about their experience, many getting dozens of web hits a day.

These are some of my students’ blog posts from our class blog:

Today we skyped with a school in Sparks,Nevada it was cool.They had a news reporters there and they filmed the skype call in there school there is 500 students.They are from Grades K-6 they have 22 students in there class.They used to have a girl in there class that had leukemia,cancer,but she had to stay at home.We talked to them for about 30mins it was really cool.There Teacher name is Mr.Crosby.There school name is Agnes Elementary School.And that’s all Comment Back PLEASE. ReginaPatsRule

Today we had a skype call. Skype is a program were you can talk and see people. Our skype call was at 11:15 this morning.(CST) We skyped with Agnes Riley Elementary School in Nevada.

Today at 11:15 we skyped to people in Nevada and there school is called Agnes Riley Elementry school and they had a couple of people from the news station were there filming the skype call to put it on the news.It was awesome.You guys should try chatting with them on skype.

Click here to read the rest of the story and watch the news story.

My students enjoyed the experience which was different from their previous skype calls. Brian’s class was well organized with information and pictures about their location and school. My class really liked how Brian’s class presented the information and want to prepare a presentation about us for our next skype call.

It was great fun and we enjoyed being famous for a short time. Thanks to Brian and his grade 6 class for inviting us to join in the Skype call.