My school division is developing a technology plan for students, teacher and administrators. Up to now we have operated without any formal direction and lots of technology. We are considered a technology rich district. Our school division is investing great sums of money in hardware for schools and teachers. Each elementary school in the division has two media carts complete with ten MacBooks, data projector, airport, digital cameras, digital video cameras, digital microscope (which I never remember we have) and a music keyboard. Teachers and students also have iMacs and eMacs in their classrooms. As well, each teacher in the division has been given a laptop for their use. The problem is that with all of this available technology we do not really have any formal plan about integrating the technology into our daily teaching.

Last November interested teachers and administrators were asked to submit applications to become part of the technology concept planning group. We met twice prior to Christmas to discuss wants, needs and dreams. After Christmas we were sent a goal document composed by one of our superintendents and our IT manager. We were asked to edit and revisie the document prior to sending to our board of trustees. The trustees approved the draft document and asked for specific outcomes. The planning group was asked to add details to each goal that would be developed into a more detailed document.  So, that is where we are at. I am not sure what the next step is but  I am looking forward to working on the plan.

If you were able to list ideas that would comprise a perfect technology plan for your school district what would you add?