As I was searching for information about educational blogging I came across the following listing on Google:

Are You Web Aware? | Blogs

Information shared in blogs may be too subjective or trivial to be meaningful in any kind of educationalBlogs may provide easy access to offensive…/wa_resources/wa_teachers/are_you_web_aware/web_aware_blogs.cfm – 30kCachedSimilar pages
Curiousity peeked, I had to go to the listing and check it out. The first piece of information started with this:

Over half (52%) of all blogs are developed and maintained by teens ages 13-19.

(Source: Georgetown University , Gender, Identity and Language Use in Teenage Blogs, 2005)

For those of us who have been following the current information and discussions in technology this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Media Awareness Network

Media Awareness Network has links for parents, students and teachers to support media literacy.
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