November 2008

As I was searching for information about educational blogging I came across the following listing on Google:

Are You Web Aware? | Blogs

Information shared in blogs may be too subjective or trivial to be meaningful in any kind of educationalBlogs may provide easy access to offensive…/wa_resources/wa_teachers/are_you_web_aware/web_aware_blogs.cfm – 30kCachedSimilar pages
Curiousity peeked, I had to go to the listing and check it out. The first piece of information started with this:

Over half (52%) of all blogs are developed and maintained by teens ages 13-19.

(Source: Georgetown University , Gender, Identity and Language Use in Teenage Blogs, 2005)

For those of us who have been following the current information and discussions in technology this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Media Awareness Network

Media Awareness Network has links for parents, students and teachers to support media literacy.
What do you think?


I’m alsmost finished another grad class. This class is focused on curriculum theory and philosphy. My final paper examined the professional development needs of teacher in order to successfully integrate technology into the curriculum. What are your needs? What technology do you currently use and what would you like to use in the future?

I’ve created a VoiceThread to collect the voices of educators. Please feel free to add your voice.

PD Voicethread