This morning I asked my students to write their reflections about the 31 Day Blogging Challenge. As a class we’ve been receiving comments from other students in the challenge and commenting back to their blog my students had to say about the challenge.posts. We’ve also been commenting to our class blog blogging partners through our class blog. This is what some of my students wrote this morning.

Comment Challenge

So this morning I’m supposed to blog about the comment challenge. I think the comment challenge is a great idea. Mostly all the comments I get are from Mr. E and most of the other comments I get from other people who don’t even explain why they liked why they liked my blog. The comment challenge is where you comment on people’s blogs and read their blogs. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for Mr. E to be commenting on mine because it’s a good thing because at least I know someone’s reading what I post. I think the comment challenge is a great idea for people because it’s better to get an opinion on your blogs then
get nothing at all. It might be something bad that maybe you made a few spelling error’s and I dont think they are trying to make it seem so bad just giving you an idea what to change about it and make it better. Blog post by crazy1.

Our class is doing a comment challenge with schools and classes all over the world . The challenge is to comment to people’s blog writing. You can get things for the most comments , the best comment , the biggest comment. This challenge is challenging bloggers to become better blog citizens.

Blog post by miss attitude.

I have to comment to people all over the world. It’s kind of like a contest. I’ve only commented to a few people so far, I should start commenting to more people. I like the idea of commenting because you can answer people’s questions and they can answer yours! So start commenting to me and others! Blog post by 0kiwifruit0.

I have not been commenting people for the comment challenge because I don’t like commenting. I only comment if it’s about something I like or something easy to write a comment about. Blog post by mac_10.

My students really enjoy receiving comments and are learning to respond to the comments. I think they are enjoying the challenge and hopefully becoming better at writing feedback to the other blog writers.