Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve blogged about the Comment Challenge. I know I need to keep on top of my daily challenges so that I don’t fall behind. Here’s Day 7’s challenge:

“We’re on Day 7 of the comment challenge and it’s time to take a little break to see what you’ve learned. So far you’ve audited your own commenting behavior, commented on a new blog, installed a blog tracking service, asked a question in a comment, commented on a post you didn’t agree with and responded to another commenter on a blog post.

For today’s task, I want you to come up with three lessons you’ve learned from your experiences so far. Consider what you’ve learned about yourself as a commenter, what you’ve learned about the act of commenting, and how you think your recent commenting activities have impacted you as commenter and a blogger. These don’t have to be major sweeping lessons. They can be as simple as “I’ve learned that I don’t comment as often as I’d like.” The point is to reflect on what you’ve been doing in the past week and to consider how you want to use this information to improve your conversational abilities in the blogosphere. If you blog your lessons, be sure to tag them with the “comment08″ tag.”

So what have I been learning? One thing I’ve learned that sometimes cocomment can be frustrating and freeze my whole screen so that I want to yell at it. I tried to comment on a new and interesting blog using it with no luck. I’m sure I’ll be able to move on from that trauma because I’ve used it since. I’m reading new blogs and getting some different perspectives from around the world. I’ve found blogs that I’ve added to my bloglines feed because I know that I want to read more from that person.

I’ve found out that my students love commenting and being commented to. They get a bit frustrated if they can’t track someone down because the link doesn’t take them back to a blog page. Despite any little glitches my students are enjoying the dialogues that they’re having with students around the globe. As part of our comment challenge as well as part of our language arts/social studies unit my students are reading and commenting to Sergeant Parks blog who is a teacher serving in Afghanistan. The students have been reading Sergeant Park’s blog posting about serving and living on the Khandahar Air Force Base while serving with the Canadian Armed Forces. My class is reading The Breadwinner while we are working on the unit Change in Social Studies.

As I read hints about soliciting comments to blog posts and how to write good comments I’m passing on the information to my students. My hope is that as they grow their network they will develop better commenting skills that will help them create dialogues and continue their learning. I have the same goal and I already know that I’ve met new people through the challenge that I will continue to correspond with in the future.

Learning Loops by Kevin Dooley (Flickr Creative Commons)