Today was the second day of the blogging challenge. My class and I have been busy commenting to our blogging partners around the globe. Today’s challenge was to comment on blogs that we’d never visited before. My students began commenting on the challenge partner’s blogs and I began to comment on people in the challenge. There are a wonderful and diverse group of people involved in the challenge. I look forward to expanding my network and learning what other educators are doing in the world of technology. So far today I commented to bloggers in North Carolina, New Zealand, Malaysia and Brazil. I’ll continue blogging and working my way around the world.
I’m reposting a blog post about the power of comments because I think it’s very relevant this month. I wish I could get all of my parents involved and interested enough to comment to their child’s blog.

The Power of Comments

February 27, 2008 · 4 Comments

I have been part of many conversations in the past week that involve the power of audience in blogging. Today I was part of a ustream presentation where Dean Shareski discussed the question of “Why is audience important?” I look at audience being the icing on the cake, the motivation to keep writing and the way to connect with the world outside our classroom. The thrill of getting comments to my blog posts never diminishes. I’m as excited to get comments today as I was to receive my first comment a year ago. I feel a bit like Sally Field at The Academy Awards when she cried out “You really like me!” It’s sad but true.vm_cr00309309_ss100_.jpg

Today I listened to other educators question Dean about the value of using technology in their classroom. I keep asking why do we need to convince teachers about the value of writing? Oh, I mean blogging.

Tonight after my EC&I 831 class where we were fortunate to have Dean as the presenter I started thinking about the value of audience again. After the class I checked my email and found this wonderful comment from one of my parents to her daughter.

View As Web Page Kimberly.Brown, A comment has been posted to darf’s blog entitled, Future

The comment is:

Hey Cutie, excellent writing skills. You have come such a long way in
your talent. I’m so proud of you and the way you express yourself. Your
writing makes me want to keep reading. AWESOME!!!! I love the idea of
being a “coroner”, you love to solve mysteries. I love you. Keep
writing,experiencing,following your ambitions and sharing everything.

This was such a powerful comment to read from a parent. This comment motivates her daughter to write, share and experience. The comment motivates me to continue on my quest to integrate technology in my classroom. This one comment from our audience validated a year of using my class blog.