I just finished my most recent chat with a student who was asked to leave the room by their teacher. The conversation started out much the same as they usually do.

Student: I don’t know why I got sent out of the room.

Student: I didn’t do anything but talk to _______(fill in the blank) across the room.

You know how these conversations go. Well, this time I couldn’t help myself. I continued his dialogue for him because I think I’ve only heard it 5 or 6 hundred times. In a lightbulb moment I decided , along with our secretary’s help, that a checklist would be in order. That way the student could check off the injustices and be one step ahead before they got to the office.

Please Take to The Office:

Check all that apply:

1.    I don’t know why I was sent out of the room.
2.    I didn’t do anything.
3.    I didn’t say anything.
4.    It’s not fair.
5.    The teacher’s picking on me.
6.    He/she’s just trying to get me in trouble.
7.    They threw it first.
8.    Why am I the only one who ever gets in trouble?
9.    Why did I get sent out and they didn’t?
10.    I was only________________(fill in the blank).
11.    I was just answering the question!
12.    Other:

Oh the things that one gets up to with just a little bit of extra time. Might have to use it one day for a giggle with the grade eight students. Hope you get a bit of a laught out of this.