Now What?

Okay, I can admit when I have a problem but I find it a little easier to live in denial. I keep telling myself it’s been good for me because my learning curve has been massive. I’m networked around the globe with teachers who are incorporating technology throughout their teaching practice. My network is also available for assistance, resources and support. I use Twitter frequently to stay in touch with my network. I use weblogs as a host for my professional blog and use bloglines to subscribe to blogs about the use of technology in the classroom. I’m even starting to introduce more Web 2.0 tools such as VoiceThread and JumpCut to my students. Am I now pushing technology for Couros? It’s spiraling out of control and affecting my work.

What’s the Future Hold?

I’m currently moving all of the unit plans, lessons, resources and assignments for all subject areas to wikispaces. I’m also planning a collaborative Holocaust project for the fall. I’m also designing a global collaborative project based on the environment and global issues. I hope that the global issue project will run throughout the school year engaging many students. I’ve started a class blog with our grade 2&3 teacher. I’ve also connected her with other blogging partners to collaborative with students in Tokyo and Quebec.

Thank goodness Rob Wall has started a twelve step program for EC&I 831 alumnus. Rob’s calling it Sk. Educators for Learning with Technology Enhanced Resources (Skelter) but I think it’s really a support group for all of us who will be going through withdrawal now that EC&I supply line has dried up. If you’re like me you’ll need to visit regularly as we wean ourselves off Couros’ little web treats. Now, don’t tell anyone but I’ll keep scanning for the next class Couros teaches. I’ll try to be a bit more careful next time I’ll look for a hidden agenda but anything can happen.