Thanks for the comments to my last post “One of Those Days” and thanks to David Warlick to responding so quickly to my classblogmeister glitch.

Everything was sorted out and fixed for the grade 2&3 class to begin their blogging adventure the next day. I started with three of the boys and walked them through everything from turning on the MacBooks to working with classblogmeister. Next, seven of my grade sixes acted as mentors working 1 to 1 with the younger students and showing how to post to their blogs. The remainder of the grade 2&3 class came in and I showed them the links I’ve added to their blog page: Mr. Greenberg’s class blog in Connecticut which has a VoiceThread that my grade 6 &7 class contributed to, Kathy Cassidy’s grade one blog, Leah Dewhurst’s class blog, Mr. Mead’s grade twos in Australia, and the grade threes in Beiruit. The students were avid viewers while waiting to take their turn posting to their blog.

The next morning I commented to all of the students that posted. The grade 2&3 teacher has also invited the principal to comment to the students’ writing. The student’s posts were well written and many included a question for their audience to respond to.

On Wednesday afternoon the grade 2&3 teacher asked one of my grade six students to make her blog look fancy. This student decided to give up his phys. ed. class to work on her blog page. He added a glitter text title from Rock You and also added a weather pixie.

On Thursday I asked one of the grade two’s if he had been blogging again. He replied that he was getting the address so that he could write during the Easter holidays. How cool is that? He was also excited to have had 11 readers and 1 “commentary” from me. He told another student had had 27 readers and 1 “commentary.”

I think the moral of the story is that sometimes there are glitches with technology and lessons don’t go as planned. But, I’ve had that happen when I wasn’t using technology and somehow managed to work through a lesson. It was worth the effort to get the grade 2&3 class blogging. I can’t wait to read about the rest of their school year.


Grade 2&3 Class at Christmas