Today was one of those days with technology. I was introducing classblogmeister to the grade 2&3 class in my school. The teacher is ready to start using Web 2.0 tools with her class and the students were excited. I had already set up the class blog and today was the day to choose student nicknames then write their first post. I’ve been using classblogmeister with my class for just over a year and think it’s a wonderful tool.

I had taken a data projector to show them their blog pages and the links I had added to them. Unfortunately, the data projector “detected no input”. I used the time to speak to the students about online safety, using nicknames and how the blog space worked. I also spoke to them about the idea of audience. Still no input. I introduced their first writing assignment “Who Am I.” We discussed appropriate information to write on their blog and brainstormed ideas.

The students began to write while I retrieved another data projector. Still no input. Now I’m starting to think it’s not the data projectors but my MacBook connection that’s the problem. At this point I decide to put the students’ nicknames in the class roster so that they may begin posting. The names and passwords are all added to the roster but when I click on the grade 2&3 instead of the students’ names appearing the screen flashes and that’s it. Now I still feel optimistic that I can sort all of this out before the students are ready to post. No such luck. The students are writing while the classroom teacher and learning resource teacher are helping to edit. Two students are now finished so I send them to my classroom for another MacBook.

Students arrive with the MacBook. I hook it up to the new data projector. Input detected. But….now what? The screen appearing on the MacBook is very far over to the left of the screen when projected from the data projector. If I move the Internet screen all the way over to the right until it just begins to disappear I can see it from the data projector. Strangest thing I ever saw.

Thank goodness the recess bell rang.

I’ve been trying all night to fix the student roster. I’ve sent out a help message to blogmeister groups and emailed David Warlick. Hopefully I can sort this out tomorrow.

Wish me luck!