More reaction to Al Upton’s blog shut down. What do you think?

I’d wish for my children to be in Al’s class for SURE!!! He is an educator that is LEADING THE WAY!!! Others should take note! Our children NEED this sort of learning and education!

Author: Anne
Sorry that such a fantastic opportunity for learning has been taken away from your students. Student blogging has such potential for motivation, for connection with an audience, for furthering communication. After all, that’s what writing is for!

Author: John Connell
Al Upton is, without doubt, one of the most committed educators I have ever met – his focus, every time I meet him, is entirely on the children in this class. This decision by the South Australian authorities is monumentally stupid, shortsighted and anti-education – it is also cowardly. Someone, somewhere, has buckled in the face of paranoia and a closed-minded, irrational fear of nothing whatsoever.

For the past 14 months, I have been extolling the virtues of Al Upton, his minilegends, and, as I thought, the forward-thinking education system of South Australia, all around the world. Everywhere I go I mention this school blogger par-excellence – now I will be forced to use this ridiculous decision as an example of a head-in-the-sand attitude that believes we can protect our children best by banning everything that moves. The best protection, in fact, as Al knows, is education itself – an anti-education move such as this simply beggars belief.

Author: Sean FitzGerald
Very disappointing. I’ll just add one point, which I haven’t seen made yet, which is this… what is this modelling? You make a mistake in good faith and you get slammed? Why couldn’t this situation have been used to clarify safety guidelines and make whatever changes to the way you were working in line with those? Why shut down your whole operation completely? It seems more like punishing and making an example of than correcting behaviour. Oh wait… this is school. 😦

Author: Darren Kuropatwa
Just learned about this via an email. Al, and all the mini-legends, I’m so sorry to hear of this and wanted to add my voice of support. I hope your ministry of education officials look through the work you and your kids have been doing online for the last few years and examine there concerns in that larger context. I suspect doing so will open their eyes the sort of careful, considered, and responsible educator that you are.

Looking ahead to that future, the mini-legends will become legends in name and fact as together you all model educational blogging at its best. I really can’t see any other outcome to follow from a pedagogue examining the opus of your work online.

Warmest Regards and Best Wishes,
Darren Kuropatwa
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Department Head Mathematics</a>
Winnipeg, Canada

Author: scotter
What a shame! I was looking forwards to looking at the mini’s work.
I hope our own local authority are more open minded!
Alasdair Lanyon

Author: Christine Martell
I am so sorry to see this happening. The mini’s have been an incredible inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many others throughout the world. My heart goes out to you and the kids. it can be so frustrating to have creative expression both misunderstood and repressed.

Just from what I have seen here, I know you will turn this experience into deep learning for all involved, I just wish you didn’t have to.