My last post discussed the questions that a freelance journalist asked my about the use of networking sites in my classroom. The following are my responses to her questions. How do my answers compare to yours. Please add a comment about the comparison or reaction to my responses.

Social Networking in the Classroom

1. I use classblogmeister and wikispaces in my classroom.
2. I use classblogmeister because as the teacher I’m able to moderate blog posts, comments and all content posted on the site. I use wikispaces and as creator of the wiki I am able to control content. Both sites are easy to use and navigate for teachers and students.
3. We use classblogmeister to publish writing, contact other classrooms, share thoughts and ideas with our blog partners. Wikispaces has been used for global collaborative projects, collaborative story writing, curriculum content, weekly math problems and literature circles.
4. Any type of collaborative activity works well using blogs or wikis.
5. Our technology integration support teacher and technology consultant support and encourage the use of online applications for the classroom.
6. By using classblogmeister and wikispaces the content is controlled thus inappropriate postings are eliminated.
7. The benefits include an authentic audience for student writing and work that will provide feedback. Use of wikispaces for collaboration allow for students to work together with others around the globe. Students develop a pride in their work when they know that their work will be viewed by others.
8. I use Twitter frequently to stay in touch with other teachers in my network who integrate technology in their teaching. I use weblogs as a host for my professional blog and use bloglines to subscribe to blogs about the use of technology in the classroom.
9. Wikispaces, YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo Groups. I find wikispaces easy to use and navigate. Wikispaces are easy for students to use and learn. I use YouTube and TeacherTube for video content that’s relevant to teaching topics.
10. I use pseudonyms for my students on both classblogmeister and wikispaces. I teach my students about digital citizenship and their digital footprint on the net. Most web based applications have teacher subscriptions that don’t have advertising or pop-ups. I’m teaching my students about Creative Commons materials and how to use them in their on-line/off-line assignments.

I hope this helps out,

Kimberly Brown