Thanks Frank and Shaun for tagging me to participate in the quilt as part of your Twitter networks.

I have really started thinking about a picture that talks to me about my passions in education. One of the biggest thrills I have is when my students come to school early and want to come into the classroom. One cold winter day eleven students were in my room by 8:30am even though school doesn’t start until 9:00am. One day I decided to take pictures of the students in the room before “school” time. I work in a community school where attendance can be a bit sketchy for some students. I believe that having my room and computers open for students prior to the bell is an incentive for some students to get to school early so they can have a little computer time before the school day begins.im000070.jpg

So let’s see. I’ll tag these 5 educators that I follow in twitter: derralg, murcha , Jeff Whipple,

AllanahK and Sharon Peters.
Here are the rules:

1. Think about what you are passionate about teaching your students.
2. Post a picture from a source like FlickrCC or Flickr Creative Commons or make/take your own that captures what YOU are most passionate about for kids to learn about…and give your picture a short title.
3. Title your blog post “Meme: Passion Quilt” and link back to this blog entry.
4. Include links to 5 folks in your professional learning network or whom you follow on Twitter/Pownce.