When Sharon Peters presented to my EC&I 831 class two weeks ago she showed a slideshow called “Spheres of Influence.” Alec Couros posted this assignment on our class wiki

Sharon asks “What are your spheres of influence?” This goes well with the themes of the past two weeks around the echo-chamber effect, and the idea that teachers should be encouraged to get online. So, reflect on some of these ideas in your blogs.

As I think about who and what are my spheres of influence it would certainly be the other people currently in my EC&I 831 class including Alec Couros, Rob Wall and Kyle Lichtenwald. Marnie McMillan and Stu Harris from Regina Public Schools continue to influence the direction I take with technology. Marnie and Stu are always available for answering questions and giving advice. Jim Ellis in North Battleford is my main conspirator and collaborator influencing me to move beyond my knowledge zone. The people I have been exposed to since January such as Clarence Fisher, Sharon Peters and Dean Shareski provide with my ideas and influence the direction I’m taking integrating technology in my classroom.

My spheres of influence are in the educators who regularly use Twitter to share information, ask questions and tease us with the way they’re using technology in their classrooms.

So to pose the same question as Alec did to our class “Who are your spheres of influence?”