I was reading Todd Volk’s blog about Sharon Peters and social networking. He mentioned my projects and that I’m becoming a social networking guru. (Thanks Todd). I’ve been using my classroom blog for a year and like you, prior to that I thought of myself as a techie. Imagine my surprise to find out that I was a user of hardware and not a utilizer of technology. Once I started blogging with my class I realized all of the learning oppportunities there were for my class and myself. I felt so far behind and wanted to catch up, fast. I began to look for opportunities for my students and myself to communiticate with other classes. I enjoy the dialogue with other students and teachers while we’re working on a project. I love that students from other schools and countries email me calling me Ms B. Creating a dialogue is the huge bonus that I didn’t expect when I started this. I count people I’ve never met as collaborators and friends. I think the trick of social networking is to look for opportunities to work with other educators and be open to invitations that come your way.