“You’re writing for the world” is a phrase that I often use when I talk to my students about posting on their blogs. When my students write I’m not their only audience and they only have to check their blog postings to see how many people are reading what they’re writing. And isn’t the importance of writing for your audience something we stress to our students? My favourite story is about an educator who was going to a technology workshop at a high school (if this is your story please forgive me any forgotten or mixed up details) and told his daughter. His 15 year old daughter told him she was working on an on-line writing site and her favourite writer was a student at the school. The educator spoke to a teacher at the school and asked about the student writer. He was told that she rarely handed in work and wasn’t a good student. He was surprised because his daughter spoke so highly of the writer. He found the student and explained what he’d heard about her. She replied that she only had so much time to write and had to choose between writing for her teacher or on her blog. Her choice was to write on her blog because on her blog she was writing for the world.