Last week I was fortunate to be able to partcipate in two on-line sessions with Sharon Peters. One was through the Prairie South School Division which sponsored “PD in Pajamas” with the theme of “Going Global.” The other was with my EC&I 831 class where Alec wrote “Sharon has received awards for her global collaborative projects, and the topic will relate to these types of classroom activities. There will be much to learn from her experience, and I am really looking forward to her presentation.” In both sessions Sharon spoke of the value of planning global collaborative projects for students and their value to student learning. This is an example of on Sharon’s projects: This is the wikispace of three schools collaborating together to create superhero stories for a GVC web design contest.
The schools involved in the project where Santan Junior High School in Chandler, AZ, Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park, IL, and Lower Canada College in Montréal, QC. Another example is her project with a school in Jerusaelm which was about international literature. I found Sharon’s reflections on her projects good learning lessons as I am currently involved in my first global project with three other classrooms learning about and following the Iditarod Trail Dog Race in Alaska.

Sharon left me feeling inspired to plan more global projects and reach out to other classrooms around the world. One way I’m continuing this is by working with the 1001 Tales teachers planning a global writing project for our students which will begin in March, 2008. Drop in to either the Iditarod or the 1001 Tales project to follow what students can do when they work together.