Wow, Monday was a great day of professional development opportunities.

Monday afternoon I participated in a session with Dr. Cable Green about Open Educational Resources.

Dr. Green discussed the important of open resources for use in schools particularly post-secondary institutions. As he pointed out “when we cooperate and share, we all win, exponentially.” Dr. Green also explained that open educational resources becomes a social justice issue because “everyone has the right to access global knowledge.” Dr. Green discussed George Siemens connectivism theory and the strength of learning networks.

Today I read David Warlick’s blog 2 Cents Worth where he also explained the important of open educational resources and the shift in thinking happening in educational institutions.

“Brought to my attention by Dangeriously Irrelevant’s Scott McLeod, is news that MIT is now repackaging its MIT OpenCourseWare Initiative for secondary teachers and students. In his article, Scott points to an Education Week piece that describes the project and how high school teachers and students are beginning to use it. Launched in 2001, and talked about frequently by Alan November, the OpenCourseWare Initiative features…

…2,600 video and audio clips from faculty lectures, as well as assignments and lecture notes. Some of that material is assembled on the site for specific high school classes, such as Advanced Placement biology, calculus, and physics, which are college-preparatory courses.

There are several site dedicated to open textbooks including make text books affordable

and textbook revolution. As a parent of a university student, a high school student as well as, being a grad student myself I welcome the change in thinking.

Dr. Green also shared a video called “Wanna Work Together?” from Creative Commons, an on-line community ,that seeks to provide protection for creative works while providing a way to share them.