It hit me this morning…I am a blog snob. Now I’m not saying I’m a snob about all blogs but I realized I’m a snob about classroom blogs. An administrator mentioned a teacher’s blog to me today and told me how great it was. I searched for it and had a look. I thought “it’s okay” and looked to see that the teacher had just started it in December , 2007. It was then I realized that I look for some specifics to be included on the blog before I say “wow, it’s great!” First thing I look for that it’s up to date and active. Nothing bothers me more then a classroom blog that has started and, I’m assuming, gotten the students excited about writing on their blogs then the teacher stopped. I also look for the a lot of student writing throughout the week. Next, I want to see that the teacher is writing as often, if not more, than the students. I can’t imagine asking the students to write throughout the week if I’m not writing on my blog as well. I’ve been thinking of dropping one of our classroom blogging partners because the teacher hasn’t written a new post since November, 2007. Sure, the students have been writing but I that think if the teacher can’t bother to write regularly it probably isn’t anyone I would want to collaborate in the future.

So, these are the basics that I look for in a classroom blogging partner. Now to get me really excited I look for the use of Voki, Voicethread, slideshows, movies, podcasts and other applications that are new to me. I love writing to another teacher and asking them “How did you do that?” and having them reply to me. I want the other teachers to be as enthusiastic as I am about their students’ learning and writing.

So when I look on class blogs I’m looking for a teacher who is activitely engaging their students with interesting assignments and activities. I’m also looking for a teacher who is trying new technologies and is sharing them with their students.