Tonight our presenter was George Siemens for our EC&I 831 class. I’ve just left the session with my head bouncing around concepts like “connectivisim,” “connected learning, “emergent curriculum” and the power of networks. It will take a bit of time for everything to roll around and emerge as some concrete thoughts for me to work with.

The following diagram was shown:


  • knowledge as networked
  • learning as connecting, creating
  • systemic impact: designing education to optimize the value of networks

Siemens made the point that networks are complex despite their apparent simplicity. This led to a discussion on the value of networks, what our networks look like and when do we introduce networks to students. There were many interesting and varied points of views.

The one comment that Siemens made that I’ll be thinking of will be “one new piece of information opens up a whole new area of learning.” Isn’t this the truth.